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The music of Anthony B. Smith is performed internationally and every Sunday throughout the eastern United States. He is a native of Charleston SC; singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, retired US Army Sergeants Major, currently serving as Minister of Music for Dale City Christian Church; serves as CEO and president of Smith Gospel Music, INC. While serving in the US Army, Anthony performed and ministered throughout Germany, Korea, and across the country in Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia. He has produced several independent albums and continues to spread the gospel by any means necessary. Anthony conducts music workshops annually throughout the US and Korea.

Anthony collaborates and advises Anointed Sound Records on annual releases and managing music productions. Some of his music was showcased in the American Song Festival, Kentucky Fried Chicken & Billboard Annual Song contest, Mid-atlantic Song Festival, and the National Federation of Music Clubs.

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Spreading the Gospel BY Any Means Necessary

Minister A. B. Smith

Some of the music groups produced by SGM, INC:

Minister Smith with Full Gospel Ensemble Tyrone Powell and the Friends of Christ (TPFOC) Lorraine Stancil Mietta Stancil and Tehillah Bibleway Judah Choir Yvonne Burgess

Mietta Stancil and Tehillah
Bibleway Judah Choir
Yvonne Burgess

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